How does the Community Impact Network serve the community?

The Community Impact Network is a foundation that supports organizations that serve a region in North St. Louis County called the 24:1. We do this through supporting programs and searching for ways for these organizations to work efficiently together in the 24:1

What is the 24:1 community?

The 24:1 is an area of North St. Louis County where nearly two dozen municipalities are united under a shared vision of a thriving community. The area overlaps significantly with the footprint for the Normandy Schools Collaborative.

The partnership between the cities and villages began in 2008. Local mayors, city officials and residents began a series of conversations in partnership with Network member Beyond Housing on how to address the shared challenges these communities face. The partnership includes the consolidation of police, courts and other essential services.

Why do you only serve one area?

It’s easier to make a difference in a small area than, say, trying to support organizations in every corner of the county. The 24:1, like many parts of the county, used to be a thriving area but has been ignored for generations. We’re hoping to help these organizations restore this area to its former heights.

If my organization wanted to join the Network, how would we do that?

You may contact us in a variety of ways. You can email or fill out the form on this page to reach out about joining the Network.

What are the benefits to joining the Network?

The Network puts a great deal of care and attention into the dozens of Network members who work with us. We make organizations more effective by facilitating collaborations with other organizations. We provide free trainings and free advice from experienced experts. For more benefits of joining the Network, click here.