The Network brings together dozens of member organizations to create and improve opportunities for people in the 24:1 community to build equity. We invest time and resources into these organizations, and also serve as a thought leader and community connector in the area. Through sparking collaborations between organizations to engaging with local leaders to hosting free trainings for service providers, the Network makes it easier for organizations to make a positive impact in the 24:1.

The Network is guided by our Mission & Vision.


We build equity by serving those who create opportunities for people in the 24:1 community to learn, live, and leave a legacy.


The Network envisions building equity for individuals in the 24:1.

Our values drive us forward.

Orientation to Mission & Build Equity

Our north star throughout all of our work is to create equity in living, learning, and legacy. We dedicate our time, expertise, and resources to breaking down inequity created by historical and ongoing disinvestment and discrimination. By building out, listening to, and engaging with our strong, collaborative network of partners that can solve the tough challenges facing our community, we strive to make choices in the best interest of our mission as well as those who  live, work, and play in the 24:1.

Owning Our Future

We believe in leveraging data, construction expertise, our service network, and responsible financial management to impact our community through service and housing solutions. We  empower our staff with growth and development opportunities and foster a culture of internal ownership, ensuring everyone understands the vital role we play in our community.

Excellence Together

We foster innovation and excellence through the exchange of ideas and effective discourse. We challenge ourselves and others through safe and open communication by making space for each team member to share their ideas and learn about their colleagues and their work.

We are intellectually humble and curious. We are willing to learn from each other, share our own point of view, and ask difficult questions. We always act with integrity and in a community-first orientation.

Informed and Inclusive

We celebrate the diversity of lived experiences within our staff and those we serve. We strive for  cultural competency by sharing our work, fostering a well-informed community and ensuring internal knowledge of the unique needs of neighbors. Coupled with our expertise in housing solutions and funding partnerships, this knowledge strengthens our ability to advocate for and deliver positive change.


Create opportunities for people to access quality early childhood education. 


Create opportunities for people to meet their basic needs.


Create opportunities for people to leave a positive legacy and move through the housing continuum. 

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The 24:1, Saint Louis

Twenty-two municipalities (formerly 24) working together
Cool Valley
St. John
Pasadena Park
Pasadena Hills
Pine Lawn
Uplands Park
Beverly Hills
Vinita Park
Hanley Hills
Norwood Court
Our Team

Neosha Franklin

Chief Executive Officer

Wayne Knight

Chief Financial Officer

Courtney Corman

Director of Data & Analytics

Alice Davis-Wiley

Service Impact Manager

Casey Dupent

Office/HR Manager

Kayla Gillispie

Multimedia Specialist

Brian Krueger

Community Liaison

Morgan LeBaige

Data Manager

Lonette Lowary

Service Coordinator

Alex McCarthy

Communications Coordinator

Michelle McClure

Front Desk Coordinator

Gabby Ochoa

Network Manager

Natasha Olufson

Executive Assistant

Ailey Pope

Vice President of Service

Kim Price

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Nikki Williams

Executive Assistant

Benefits of being a Network member

  • We forge connections
  • We provide expert advice and guidance
  • We are here to serve

What is the 24:1 community?

  • A group of 22 municipalities in North St. Louis County
  • Home of University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Located near three Fortune 500 companies
Documents & Downloads

Organizational Documents & Downloads

Learn more about the work that the Network and its members do by viewing the documents below. You can browse the 2023 Annual Report as learn about our increased commitment to the 24:1 area.