Equity Homes completes 500th demolition in 24:1

On Jan. 23, 2024, Equity Homes completed its 500th single-family demolition in the 24:1 footprint since 2016. This demolition took place on 67th Street in Hillsdale. Equity Homes Vice President Jacqui Davis says demolition is a key part of neighborhood revitalization.

Equity Homes employees complete their 500th demolition in the 241 on Jan 23 2024 Photo courtesy of Jacqui Davis

“Abandoned, dilapidated houses are more than just an eyesore,” Davis said. “They lower property values, provide a place for criminal activity, and are dangerous to kids and teens who might think it’s ‘fun’ to explore an abandoned house, not realizing that there are hazardous materials and structural dangers, such as the ceiling or floor collapsing on them.”

In close collaboration with municipalities, law enforcement officials and other community leaders, Equity Homes assesses houses that pose challenges to the broader community. Equity Homes serves as a contractor hired by local municipalities to conduct demolitions.

Benefits of demolitions

Makes neighborhoods safer

Many houses in the area are uninhabitable due to disrepair and neglect. They pose safety risks and are prone to fires. Demolishing these properties makes these areas less dangerous.

Makes neighborhoods more attractive

Demolishing these properties results in more green space, which makes neighbors happier and gives children a safer place to play. 

Attracts business

Run-down properties make neighborhoods less inviting, which makes it more difficult to convince new residents to move in or new developers to bring businesses to the area. Reducing the number of run-down buildings and increasing the amount of green space makes these areas more enticing to residents and businesses.

Learn more about the importance of demolitions in keeping our communities safe on the Equity Homes website.

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