Network co-hosts property tax appeal trainings

Pine Lawn

The Network facilitated and Legal Services of Eastern Missouri and The Pine Lawn Restoration Association presented the first of a series of St. Louis County Assessment Appeal trainings on April 23 at Pine Lawn City Hall. The training is to prepare County residents who feel their real estate assessments may be too high. 

The training had 22 residents and five elected officials representing five county municipalities in attendance. Attorneys from Legal Services presented a step-by-step guide to preparing an appeal, the needed forms, the gathering of evidence to include comp sales from your immediate area, an itemization of possible big-ticket repairs with bids to complete such work, photos to support the repair claim, and the possibility of investing in an independent appraisal.

Northwoods Oaks

On Monday May 13, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri conducted a special matinee training session for the Northwoods Oaks, a longstanding group dedicated to improving the lives of senior citizens.  The session had a total of 13 attendees representing three municipalities. 

More trainings are planned for this summer. The deadline to submit an appeal is July 8.

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Alex McCarthy
Alex McCarthy is the Communications Coordinator at the Network. He has worked for the organization since 2022.